Winnie the Pooh, was a real bear. He was found during World War I when troops from Winnipeg were being transported to Eastern Canada. They stopped at White River, Ontario and a lieutenant named Harry Coleburn purchased a small female black bear cub for $20 from a hunter who had killed the cub's mother. Lt. Coleburn named that cub "Winnipeg", after his own hometown. He called her "Winnie" for short.Winnie was in the London Zoo in 1919, where she became a popular attraction and lived until 1934.Milne the auther of whini the poohstarted to write books about whinni , and all of the gang.Winnie the Pooh was a great insperation to the world, Winnie has been famous for years, and he is still populare around the world. external image 103345NsUR_w.jpg