The Globalisation of the Barbie Doll

The Barbie doll was branded by an American industry called Mattel, and it was created by an American woman named Ruth Handler. The design of the Barbie doll was inspired by a German doll named Bild Lilli. Also, the first Barbie doll was manufactured in Japan by Japanese homeworkers. The Barbie Doll even inspired a Danish song "Barbie Girl." The raw materials that create the Barbie doll are from Japan and Taiwan. Most importantly, the Barbie doll is sold worldwide. Also, multiple cultural Barbie dolls have been designed such as a Hispanic Barbie doll. Some of Barbie's dresses are made in China and there are multiple museums dedicated to Barbie in the U.S.A., along with one in Taiwan.
(My Heritage Piece is glued underneath)

English Influence on America

Most of my relatives are British making my main heritage English. One example of English influence on America is in the world of theatre. This happened because more than two hundred years ago, English actors starting coming to America and performing their plays. The works of William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson, and David Garrick have generated many great American plays. Another great example of British influence in America is the field of music. In the 1960s a generation of rock and roll was produced in England. Americans soon became addicted to the musical pieces of Elton John, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. This music is still very popular today. English music also influenced the likes of American musicains like Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry. English food also has an influence on American culture. For example, fish and chips, an English originated dish is very popular in America now. The etiquette of the English has always been something that Americans have admired. Their table manners are superb, and it certaintly has inproved the manners of Americans. Also, an English man designed the iPod and of course is a huge hit in America. Americans speak the same language as the British thanks to English explorers who ventured the Americas hundreds of years ago. The earliest English settlers even inhabited the Dominion Colony of Virginia in the United States, and also formed the Providence of Maryland. For example, the English have had a great impact of soccer here in our country. The first Englishmen in the U.S. started playing soccer here in the U.S., and they continued to motivate more Americans to play the game. Therefore, all of these examples are great reasons why the English have had a great influence in the U.S.A.