Andrew Cavallaro Technology7b 10/10/07 Dr. Neuage
The Internet
The internet is extremly global. This is because it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it was created by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, as a means of sharing information. It was created in America during the Cold War to store information in case The Soviet Union dropped an atomic bomb.

Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable

My heritige

Andrew Cavallaro Technology7b
Dr. Neuage 10/12/07
My Family’s Italian Heritage

My family is completely from Italy. I am 88% from the Sicilian city of Palermo and 12% from the Italian city of Naples. This has had an impact on how I have grown up. All of my family takes great pride in being Italian. I have a large family and I know very much about my Italian heritage. I adore Italian food. In fact, I enjoy it more than any other food, which I have consumed. Like my parents, I take great pride in being Italian.
Today, I will be talking about my mother’s side of my family. Imagine you are in Palermo; three generations ago. The city is lush and beautiful. There are people creating wine in their backyards. My family, was a family of weavers. They were in the middle class of society and weaved various items. From placemats to bedding, my family made it all.
However, one day, my family wanted to move up in the social scale. But, this was impossible in Italy. Therefore, my family traveled to America. They were stopped on Ellis Island and were eventually allowed to enter America. With only a dollar in their pockets, they worked their way up the social scale until they reached the white-collar social class. That is how my family came to America, and developed into the class where my family is currently in.